Damages for eating hardened Ciabatta Roll


A 58 year old woman who broke a tooth on biting into a roll bought at a Centra Store in Fairview has been awarded €17,470 in damages at the Dublin Circuit Court. It appears that she was awarded €15,000 for pain and suffering caused and the balance for the costs of dental procedures. The plaintiff bought the roll on the 4th of August 2015 but when she was eating her sandwich she felt a crack in her upper left pre-molar.

One of the factors of the case was that the manager at the Centra store did not fill out an incident report form nor did either the deli assistant or the store manager attend at court to give evidence. The defendant had drafted a full defence.

The case is interesting as it shows that even though a full defence was lodged, the defendant may not have had full appetite (pardon the pun) to pursue the matter to the end.

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