New company types and the Companies Act 2014

companies act 2

This is a short introduction to the new forms of companies under the Companies Act 2014  (the 2014 Act or the Act) (Numbers in brackets refer to section numbers under the Act) The Companies Act 2014 was signed by the President on the 23rd of December 2014.  It is likely to be commenced on the […]

What to do if you get served with a money judgment?

service of document

What are Judgments Anyway and What can a Creditor do with them? Should you owe money to a creditor (e.g. bank, credit union, service provider) and if you don’t respond to letters from that creditor or  a collector on their behalf threatening legal action, it is likely that the creditor will take you to court. […]

Emmet’s learning to type – Part 1

old typer writer 2

When Colm (my boss!) first asked me to learn how to type I must say I was a little stunned but ultimately saw the sense of it. While the office is blessed with excellent secretary support I really need to get my typing up to speed for short emails or other bits of typing work […]

Key Issues in Drafting Employment Contracts

A contract of employment is good for employee relations

As an employer it is important to give consideration to how your business manages employment law risk, complying with applicable employment legislation and contractually achieving reasonable flexibility for your business in the employment relationship. Employers have an obligation under law (Terms of Employment (Information) Acts, 1994 – 2012) to provide each of their employees with a written […]

Surveillance in the Workplace

workplace survey

The case of Deegan v Dunne’s Stores UD202/2012 highlights the issues that can arise in relation to workplace surveillance.  The case involved an employee of the deli section of a branch of Dunnes Stores.  The manager had become aware that there were breaches of the company’s stated policy regarding food purchasing.   The policy is […]

Rights of residence and farm transfers


It can often be the case in circumstances where a couple wish to transfer their family farm through the generations that the issue of rights of residence arise. This article considers some of the issues. What is a right of residence? A right of residence , as the nature of the right indicates, consists of […]

Cloud computing and transfers of data outside the EEA


One of the particular restrictions faced by organisations using cloud computing providers, such as Amazon Web Services, is the question of dealing with transfer of personal data outside of the EEA. The EEA consists of the geographical area of the European Economic Area (which consists of the countries of EU (other than Croatia) and Liechtenstein, […]

Law Awards Celebrations – July Race Meeting Killarney


Team Healy Crowley Ahern, took the opportunity of the good weather, local racing and an excuse to get out of the office to celebrate their award at the 2014 Irish Law Awards by the office’s attendance at the evening July meeting of Killarney races on Wednesday the 16th of July. A busy agenda was quickly […]

Rights of Way Conference – Caherciveen


Emmet McCann and Colm Kelly Solicitors at Healy Crowley Ahern West Main Street Caherciveen gave an informative and detailed presentation on the new law relating to Rights of Way to a packed house at the Ring of Kerry Hotel on Tuesday the 10 June. Emmet McCann outlined the rules in relation to rights of way […]

VAT on e-services – London Conference 2 June 2014 Part III

ebusinesss 3

This is our final post on today’s conference (2 June 2014) organised by HMRC concerning the VAT on e-services regime and aspects of Implementing Regulation 282/2011 (as amended by Regulation 967/2012 and 1042/2013) (the “Regulation”). The afternoon session focused on the application and operation of the Mini-One Stop Shop (MOSS) and Union and Non-Union Schemes.  […]