Central Bank throws lifeline of hope for those in mortgage arrears

Its not the same with the "Occupy Dame Street" tents gone

The Central Bank of Ireland made a surprise move when it launched it proposals for a pilot debt restructuring programme for distressed borrowers. The Framework Document launched by the Central Bank on the 8th of May, is an attempt by the CB to deal with those individuals who are struggling to pay mortgage and other […]

Rights of way over land – registration and long use

There is a pathway to a new start

Often clients ask us questions relating to the law governing Rights of Way.   This short article outlines the law in the area and what you need to do to protect rights that you and those before you may have been using over the years.  In particular we deal with the new requirement to register rights […]

Can you control an employee’s posts on Facebook?

Obviously someone who appears this happy at work, should never bet let near a computer

A recent UK case has again highlighted the difficult issues which may arise by an employee’s use of a social network site.  In the recent UK High Court case of Smith v Trafford Housing Trust (2012) EWHC 3221 Ch.  Mr Smith who  was a self-described “full on charismatic Christian” responded to a news article on […]

Difficulties in claiming constructive dismissal


It is well recognised that claiming constructive dismissal before the Employment Appeals Tribunal can be a difficult task.  A claim of constructive dismissal is one brought on the basis that one’s working circumstances have been made intolerable by the employer thus giving the employee no alternative but to leave employment.  A recent Employment Appeals Tribunal […]

Government grapples with regulation of social media

Patricia Cartes, Facebook's European safety director, attends Joint Oireachtas Committee hearing

The tragic death of Shane McEntee TD on 21 December 2012 sparked a national debate concerning the use of social media in Ireland.  Reports were made following the death of Mr McEntee that he had received a degree of online abuse in the months leading up to his death.  This death and other suicides related to […]

Google in close call in defamation action – Tamiz v Google, Inc. [2013] EWCA Civ 68

A little known search engine used by a select few who access the Internet

The Court of Appeal decision of Tamiz v Google, Inc .[2013] EWCA Civ 68 (14 February 2013) raises issues for Google and other ISPs in Ireland.   The case concerned the claim by Payam Tamiz, a Muslim and former Conservative Party local election candidate that statements about him on the blogging platform were defamatory.  Richards […]

Abbey Theatre in “dramatic” copyright case

Is that the front or the side . . ?

A case arose recently (30 January 2013) regarding the Abbey Theatre. The case concerned a re-worked version of Synge’s classic play a “Playboy of the Western World”.  To mark the 100th anniversary of the play, Bisi Adigun founder of Arambe theatre together with Roddy Doyle co-wrote an updated version of the iconic play where the main character […]

Copyright issues come to the fore in school project

schools and copyright photo

An interesting case is reported in the Irish Indepedent today (29 January 2013).  It involves a transition year project by students at Alexandra College Milltown.  The students project was to place photographs on T-Shirts for sale.  Some of the photographs used were those of photographer and blogger Andrew Nuding.   He brought and action in the […]

Healy Crowley Ahern scores double points in Leaving Cert case

criminal court

Interesting case from the Irish  Indepedent on Thursday the 24th of January relating to a child who wanted to stay in prison The case is of particular interest for our firm, as Brendan Ahern, a new qualified solicitor of our firm on secondment in the Dublin criminal firm KOD Lyons was the solicitor acting. Not only that, […]