VAT on e-services – London Conference 2 June 2014 – Part II

vat on eservices

The remainder of the mid morning VAT on e-services event in London continued to be a facinating event.  The session dealt with discussions on specific articles of the Implementing Regulation 282/2011 (as amended by Regulation 1042 of 2013 and Regulation 967 …

VAT on e-services – London Conference 2 June 2014 – Part I

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The first part of the information session held by the UK HMRC on the 2nd of June 2014 at Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre has concluded.  We had useful presentations from Jim Hara (DG Business Taxes HM Revenue & Customs), …

CCTV in the Workplace


Clients often ask us to consider the issue of CCTV in the workplace and the legal issues that arise.

The first thing to note is that CCTV in the workplace is legal, but is subject to certain conditions.  The area …

Healy Crowley Ahern – Best Firm in Munster under 5

The Irish Law Awards 2014 : Picture Robbie Reynolds Photography.

We are delighted to announce that Healy Crowley Ahern solicitors have been selected as winner in their category of Best Legal Firm in Munster under 5 at the Irish Law Awards 2014.

Our firm was nominted in two categories, that …

Dwellinghouse Relief and Inheritance Tax

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We regularly provide tax planning strategies for clients, particular when finalising their will.  As part of this, we always advise clients on the benefit of dwellinghouse relief, which is a very useful tool as part of overall tax planning management.…

Healy Crowley Ahern nominated for two awards at “Irish Legal Oscars”

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Healy Crowley Ahern solicitors of Killorglin and Caherciveen are delighted to announce that they have been shortlisted for prestigious awards for their work.  The firm, which employs nine people in Mid and Souty Kerry were nominated for awards in the …

Revenue Commissioners provides initial guidance on VAT on eservices


From the 1st of January 2015 the rules regarding the place of supply of electronic services (referred to here as “eservices” – eg website hosting, software downloads, online newspapers etc) shall be changing, so that suppliers of eservices must account …

High Court confirms that club disciplinary procedures can be reviewed by court


The  High Court in a recent decision has confirmed that disciplinary decisions by a voluntary association or club can be subject to the review of the courts and that the circuit court has sufficient jurisdiction to conduct these reviews.

In …

What are the Circuit Court costs in Kerry for a trespass or squatters’ rights action?


Very often, the central consideration in examining the issue of whether or not to sue another person, relates to the costs of the action.  Oftentimes, the amount of damages awarded, will be far less than the costs involved in any …

Can I lose my right of way?

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We have already written on this blog on the topic of registration of rights of way.    See our link here

However, to be able to register a right of way, it is important to ensure that you have been continuously …