There are always stresses and strains for you in buying and selling your property. By instructing us we make sure that you are fully prepared for the legal elements of your transaction. Our approach is to be open and thorough. We communicate to you all the steps of the process and warn you of any pitfalls along the way. We set out a sample of the experience that we have in the area of conveyancing and land law so that you know that we have the expertise to make the conveyancing process one less thing to worry about.

Our experience includes:

  • residential conveyancing and associated mortgages;
  • farm transfers and transfers of sites to children together with advices on associated tax matters;
  • leasing of commercial premises;
  • housing estate developments and estate schemes;
  • leasing of agricultural property;
  • grazing agreements;
  • applications for first registration (squatters rights type applications); and
  • advice on access to property (rights of way) and services to property (wayleaves).

For more information please contact Margaret Sheehan or Emmet McCann