Debt Collection


No business can survive if it fails to be paid for its services. While more and more of our clients have developed strategies concerning cashflow management, our services may be required to assist them in ensuring proper collection of outstanding payment. We have particular experience in the area, and ensure pragmatic and persistent service to clients. We invest heavily in managing each of our clients cases to ensure that our focus is not process driven but result driven. We can provide advice on the following:-

  • Advice to clients on debt collection through all of the stages, in all venues to include the District Court, Circuit Court and High Court;
  • Dealing with difficulties concerning service of proceedings and location of defendants;
  • Providing pragmatic enforcement solutions, through registration of debts on property, publication of debts in “Stubbs Gazette” and applications for committal (imprisonment); and
  • Ensuring collection through applications for the sale of properties (well charging orders) and other related strategies for payment.

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