At the heart of the employee and employer relationship lies trust. Our approach is to foster that trust in providing compliance and drafting advice to our clients on employment matters. If that trust breaks down, we are there to help, advising on procedures, legal options and remedies, both for employers and employees. We have had experience in the following areas:-

  • Drafting employment contracts, booklets of employment and associated policies;
  • Advice on pension schemes, pension policies, PRSAs and scheme rules;
  • Dealing with re-structuring of employment and in particular issues such as redundancy, holiday entitlement, pension and related matters;
  • Advice on termination of employment, to include defending contested terminations on the grounds of unfair dismissal through the employment appeals tribunal (EAT);
  • Advice on fixed term employees, casual employment, agency employment and related issues under the Organisation of Working Time Act; and
  • Advice on share schemes for employees particularly for technology start ups.

For more information or advice please contact Colm Kelly