Information Technology


We have some of the most extensive experience in this area in the country having advised since the inception of this area of law. Our deep understanding of the legal issues concerning technology is also matched by our passion for delivery of our services through the use of technology. We have advised on topics such as:-

  • Delivery of e-commerce services and advice on regulatory issues, such as the distance selling and e-commerce directives and related consumer legislation;
  • Website issues such as linking and framing, white labelling, website terms, B2B arrangements and content licensing;
  • Advice on liability on-line including cross border liability for defamation, intellectual property infringement and other content liability;
  • Full advice on all aspects of data protection to include advising on privacy policies, use of data in the workplace, email and SMS marketing lists, manual filing systems and transfer of data outside of the EU;
  • Advice on domain name protection and proceedings involving the World Intellectual Property Organisation dispute mechanism (URDP);
  • Dealing with source code deposits in the context of software licensing and maintenance;
  • Advising application service providers on legal structure and terms for a wide range of services, particularly relating to online platforms and distribution systems;
  • Consideration of issues relating to the distance selling of financial services and compliance matters for various financial services industries;
  • Database development and licensing arrangements, including advice on legal issues concerning online booking systems;
  • Advice on cloud computing offerings and liability issues; and
  • Advice on matters concerning open source including review and advice on open source licences, compliance and use of open source software as part of larger software offerings.

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