Wills and Probate


On the death of a loved one you need the reassurance that your solicitor can guide you through the process of managing a person’s estate as quickly and smoothly as possible. Our office has a wealth of experience in the area and has been involved in advising on a wide range of matters on the death of an individual. We can assist you and your relatives on managing the estate of a deceased in cases where there is a will or no will.

Our solicitors can advise you on the following:

  • Managing the estate, ensuring undertakers are paid, assisting in identifying assets, identifying beneficiaries, dealing with the process of the collection and distribution of assets;
  • Providing advice on tax matters on death including assisting you with inheritance tax returns;
  • Dealing with deeds of family arrangement, where assets are re-organised following a death;
  • Drafting and preparing wills and providing tax structuring advice, dealing with the full range of reliefs that apply in inheritance tax situations, such as agricultural relief, favourite nephew relief, business relief and dwellinghouse relief;
  • Drafting wills for couples who wish to make provision for children under the age of 18 and dealing with discretionary trust issues;
  • Assisting those making their Fair Deal scheme application;
  • Advice on state pension matters;
  • Preparation of enduring powers of attorney and advice on personal care decisions;
  • Making applications to the Wards of Court Office on behalf of those unable to manage their affairs, including advice through all the stages of the process;
  • Advice and preparation in respect to applications to the Probate Court, particularly relating to applications under s. 27(4) of the Succession Act 1965 seeking the Court’s directions;
  • Dealing with foreign grants. We have particular experience in acting in cases of a foreign deceased or foreign wills, in US and EU jurisdictions, including dealing with all the procedural elements in these cases; and
  • Advice on contentious estates and advice on all aspects of litigation concerning estates.

For more information please speak to Margaret Sheehan or Emmet McCann