What Clients Say

"I had a serious back injury following a road traffic incident. Geraldine dealt with a wide range of complex issues and I was very impressed by her obvious vast experience in the area. No element of the procedure phased her and she constantly provided accurate and timely advice. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough."

- GF

"We have used Michael Ahern as our solicitors for many years and Geraldine looked after a personal injury matter for me. The case went for hearing in the High Court but settled beforehand. I was delighted with the settlement obtained and the efficiency by which Geraldine dealt with the case"

- LM

"I was involved in a car accident and Geraldine brought High Court proceedings on my behalf. She was always available to deal with my queries, she knew the procedures inside out and brought the case to a speedy and successful conclusion. I was very happy with the award and the service obtained from Healy Crowley Ahern."

- SC

"Geraldine acted for my son in a personal injury matter which was difficult for all our family. She obtained an excellent result after tough negotiations with our insurance company. I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome and her approach to our file"

- CMcG